Rahab the Insolent

My second favorite woman in the whole Bible has to be Rahab (my first is Abigail.) Her independent spirit makes her very interesting and appealing. Did you know her name literally means (according to Bible Gateway) “insolent,” “fierceness,” “broad,” or “spaciousness.” The word ‘insolent’ caught my eye. Lets think about who Rahab was before she…

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A Handmaid

How fascinating is it that the Lord’s mother calls herself “the handmaid” of the Lord? I’ve been pondering what it means to be “a handmaid” and if I need to focus on being one? After all, aren’t handmaids just servant girls? What kind of liberation is in that? Digging deeper, a handmaid is a female…

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6 Reasons You Are Valuable

Yes, we have rights and we are all women’s activists. But that does not give us worth. We still suffer from eating disorders. We allow people to mistreat us. We dress provocative to get attention from men, because we are incapable of living without it. We think men can use our bodies for sex, because we are told that is the source of worth and meaning. All the rights, equality, fashion, and sex can’t give us what we are trying to find: value.

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