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It’s day 10 without social media and I’m working on my third book! I’m pretty impressed with myself and I haven’t lost momentum yet. Small victories keep me motivated to doing things that are educational and profitable.

Another thing I’ve started doing in my spare time is listening to preachers, podcasts, and intellectual lectures. I didn’t realize how much of my day was being sucked into my screen! I get a lot of self-education done everyday. And I feel happier, productive, and stimulated.

One of the guys I happened to stumble upon recently is a man named Warrior Poet. You can find him here on his YouTube channel. One of his recent videos caught my eye. It’s a whopping 3 minutes but man did it pack a punch. I feel both convicted and satisfied that I’ve made choices to leave social media. I’ll open with a quote (be sure to watch his video linked below!)

“The great freedom fighters of old, always saw themselves wrapped up in a bigger story,” said the Warrior Poet from his podcast studio. He continued, “Am I living for a bigger story or am I sucked into the rat race? Are we sharing anything in common with the great people that went before us? Here is my hunch about these freedom fighters. I don’t think these people were after greatness. I think they were great, but I think they were after day-to-day goodness.”

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This spoke to me on a level that resounded with, “YES! That’s what I’m feeling.” Ever have those moments were a video, a song, or a writer says something that literally speaks to your soul? Its like you wake up and see the sunshine for the first time.

Like The Warrior Poet expressed in Freedom Fighters and the GREATER Story, I also struggle with the morality of my choices and the amount of time I dedicate to daily goodness. That’s one of the reasons I gave up social media this year. It’s also one of the reasons I decided to do a No Post Challenge to focus on real relationships. I decided that this is the year to start being better—to do the things I dreamed about. Like tackling my book list, crocheting a blanket, write more, focus on my style and fashion addiction, study my bible more, and so on…

If we look at men and women in history who did great things, eye witnesses say that they were faithful, focused and dedicated in the mundane everyday. Warrior Poet’s thesis is that “we are caught up in a greater story, and it’s not about you or me.” He made a call to action that living for ourselves is pointless, and that great men (or women) lived for the daily, simple good of their fellow human being. And when hardship came, or the enemy invaded, or the tyrant ruled, the men and women who practiced daily goodness and faithfulness were the ones who lead the rest and won.

Irena Sendler

I think we need to define “daily goodness,” because at first glance it could be misinterpreted as picking up litter or helping a senior citizen across the street. While we should adhere to these deeds, I think daily goodness is more than that. It infers spiritual fitness. It’s dedicating time to things that give you an intellectual return. It’s also dedicating time to relationships. After we have food, water, and shelter people are our greatest need. We thirst for relationship. Humans need approval and belonging. But to cultivate meaningful ones we have to put the synthetic technology aside and go back to basic roots. Re-awaking ourselves with good, deep books. Putting phones away and pulling out puzzles instead. Faithfully investing our energies into subjects like money, politics, history, and cultivating God given talents and natural abilities.

What are you sharing in common with the great people that went before us? When the hard times come will you be the leader or the dependent follower? Will you be the person with articulated skill and creative problem-solving processes? We only get one life, and I’m convinced that it has more meaning that rote “time fillers” like movies and social media. I’m not saying they are wrong in and of themselves—but are we the generation that replaced daily goodness with empty excitement that offers no skill or relationship in return? When I die will people say, “Her Intagram was flawless?” I’d rather they say, “She was a good woman who gave the best she had to others, including her mind.”

Just a few thoughts to encourage you to not fear the hard work it takes to cultivate daily goodness. Goals are a life time pursuit. You can’t win in a day or a month, or even a year. But let this be the year you decide to take the time you have into your hands and use it for daily goodness.

As Gandalf once said, “Some believe that it is only great power that can hold evil in check. But that is not what I have found. I have found it is the small things, everyday deeds, by ordinary folk that keeps the darkness at bay.”

That’s good stuff, right there.

Thanks for reading, guys! If you haven’t already, go check out Warrior Poet over on the YouTube. It’s pretty inspirational.



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