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I’ve not been blogging weekly, but more like monthly. I feel guilty for not producing as much content, but that’s the phase of life I am in. I’m not the kind of person to offer excuses, but if I were, this is what I’d say:

  1. I got a new job. Yay! I also started teaching 4H students creative writing. It’s keeping my life just the way I like it—busy.
  2. I had writers block. I’m starting to wonder if there is a scientific reason my creative juices are so finicky. Some months I’m pumping out words that are read all over the world. Other months all the lights go out and I sound like a primitive ape-man. But, I think I squeezed something interesting out of the old, tired brain today. I’m actually pretty excited about it.

Yesterday, one of my best friends and I started a Bible study together. We read devotionals through the YouVersion Bible App, and then we use Marco Polo App to share what we got out of the lesson. Its a great way to stay on track.

Last night I read this:

      “It’s not about you” can be freedom. When your house isn’t as big as you’d like it to be, or your ministry isn’t as successful, or your name isn’t as well known, thank goodness it’s not about you. It’s all about God, from the first to the last, and that is some of the best news on earth.” -Free of Me by Sharon Miller

Have you ever sat down and read something you’ve read before but this time it felt new? I’ve always been told that this life isn’t about me, but this time I really “got it.” I realized that all the things I stress about is not important. Why? Because life isn’t about me at all!  

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Keep Focused There are so many areas I take responsibility for in my life that aren’t mine to take. The kingdom of God isn’t about all the material things, the results, and the pressure to perform. It’s not even about my “responsibility” to make results happen–it’s just my responsibility to obey. Our lives are about living in righteous obedience, which brings us joy and peace. I might add, much more peace than what we think we can muster up by our “hard work and good intentions.”

I just took over a ministry position as my new job, and it’s SO EASY for me to think it’s my responsibility to fix everyone. It’s so easy to feel like a failure if a coaching session didn’t go as planned and the client left in the same condition they came in. Or, I could apply this to my parenting. What if Baby grows up totally the opposite of the way I raised her? I could apply this to my marriage: what if I can’t stay sexy, thin, and interesting for my husband? What if I can’t make our home as perfect as I see it in my head? What if…

Now, I’m not saying let the house run wild and don’t give your full effort to your job, your spouse, your kids… but I am saying, don’t put the outcome of your labor on yourself. That belongs to God. If you reap good results, you can’t take credit anyway—it’s all because of God’s goodness. And if the results go bad, you can’t take the credit because God might not be done working yet. What looks bad to you might be good to Him.

Jesus never asks us to “save that person,” or “grow that kid into a perfect adult,” or “workout until you get the perfect body.” He asks us to obey, and our responsibility stops there because he owns the results.

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As women, we are expected to perform. People tell us to go to college, get married, have 5 kids, a pet, keep your husband happy, find fulfillment in hobbies, career, and kids, live “successfully,” look like a movie star, and do it all before the age of 35. I think we judge success today by how close to a Pinterest board our home, wedding, or life looks like. It’s hard trying to juggle all the aspects and pursue all the things that we feel led to do. Most girls feel the call to do big things with their lives. Some want to be stay-at-home mothers, some entrepreneurs, and other professionals—the pressure is on to make those deadlines before “it’s too late.”

The thing is though, as daughters of God, we need to stop stressing about the timing and the peer pressure, responsibility, and the results. That beautiful, busy life you want isn’t about you. You only get to borrow this life for a few short years. God lends you the opportunity to do big things in his name, but in his timing, his pace, and at his will. This life is so menial compared to the Eternal Kingdom waiting for us. It’s time to stop stressing out, and start living in peace and joy now. Know that if we are obedient in answering the calling of the spirit, everything is lined up perfectly where it needs to be. This transition from freedom of self to focus on Jesus takes the fretting out of life. It takes the stress. The pressure. It takes the freaked-out-meltdowns we have when we miss one of life’s “dead lines.” It’s not about you. It never was. It’s all about Jesus.

“When you make things about you that are not about you, it’s a terrible burden.”

-Sharon Miller.


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