For those of you who don’t know, we just got back from Michigan last week.

4-time zones.

5 airports.

24 hours of travel.

So tired.

My body still thinks I’m in Michigan, so I’m taking advantage of the time difference and getting up earlier. The first day back there was so much unpacking to do. Errands to run. I went to buy food since the cupboards were bare. I vacuumed and washed laundry (folding it is a suggestion, right?) I showered then gave the baby a bath—so many airport germs! I ran to the store for all the things I forgot to get the first time. The dogs ate a plastic bag with dryer lint—it was all. Over. My. House! I grabbed some movies at the library, bought a pound of ground coffee, and I wound up grabbing a sugarless-coconut Americano to get me fueled through the afternoon. In a word, pre-middle-post flying from Alaska and back is a major chore.

Those of you following my Wardrobe Makeover Series on Instagram know that I shared this one I wore to do my chores in.

This look consisted of my husband’s shirt (I stole it, ha!) my favorite washed out jeans by American Eagle, and pink knotted ballet flats. Simple. Comfy. Cute. Classic. I like wearing Blake’s shirts on chore day because:

  1. He finds it attractive. And I can use all the attractiveness I can get on hectic, tired days.
  2. They are comfy and undemanding. Our curves aren’t uncomfortably on display, but we still look cute.
  3. Wearing men’s shirts (not baggy or dumpy ones) is considered sexy and in-style.
  4. They smell like your man, and that’s always a nice way to be reminded of him throughout the day.
  5. With the right jeans and the right fit, you will look casual, chic, put-together, and effortless.
  6. He usually doesn’t care if I get stains and stuff on it. Guys usually don’t care about stuff like that.

You might be asking, why is it important to look good on chore day?

I have a whole philosophy about this topic, actually. My number one rule with fashion is that if I go into public, I have a minimum requirement: mascara, fill eye brows with powder, brush my hair, wear real clothes, and use my smile. No matter how tired I am, how rushed, or lazy I feel, I always put an effort into myself. Why? Because psychologically, it makes me feel happier. And happy girls are the prettiest, don’t you know? (I’m starting to talk like Michigan peeps!)

Another reason I believe in putting effort into yourself is because we are living for Jesus. When someone looks at me, do they see an inspirational Virtuous Woman? Or a muddled, ugly, hag? The Bible says that the Proverbs 31 Woman, “…makes herself coverings of tapestry; her clothing is silk and purple.” The Virtuous Woman was an action packed, on-the-go, mother, business owner, manager, and community worker. And yet the Bible says she took time out to cover herself attractively, trendy, as well as expensively—silk and purple were the colors of nobles. I’m not saying we have to wear name brand clothing all the time, but I am saying that caring about how we appear is attractive, inspiring, and purposeful. I don’t have to look perfect. In fact, I never do. But people will take us seriously if we take ourselves seriously. People will treat us with respect if we treat ourselves with respect. People will admire us if we admire ourselves first. People will be inspired by us if we give them something to be inspired about. Getting ready in the morning doesn’t have to take two hours. My daily beauty routine takes me about 15 minutes, if that. And it’s something I still do even on crazy chore day.

However, chore day is not a day I want to wear restrictive, uncomfortable clothes I might possibly damage. That’s why I love this look. It’s cute, but I’m not going to cry if I spill tomato sauce on something. Here are a few tips on How to Wear A Man’s Shirt Right:

  1. They should be no more than one size bigger than you, as a rule of thumb. You want them loose but not baggy.
  2. The shirt should still compliment your eye, hair, and skin coloring like any other shirt you’d pick out for yourself.
  3. Shirts should look clean, stain, and tear free.
  4. Men’s plaid shirts and pullover sweaters are the best options for every color, shape, and size. They scream, “I’m taken by my guy.”
  5. Try to stay away from graphic tees and shirts with lettering on them if you are going for a deliberately relaxed, classic look. Stay with solids, prints, or plaid button-ups.

Remember, don’t end up looking LIKE a guy. Add a feminine touch like the dusty pink, knotted ballet flats and a necklace. It’s still low key but definitely yours. The secret to a relaxed look is being deliberate about it.


I hope that inspired you guys! Have a great weekend!



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