After giving birth to our Little Cupcake, I discovered that I’m down almost two dress sizes! That’s what 9 months of being sick does for you. I went to a party the other day and spent the whole evening pulling my skirt up over my hips. Blake had to poke another hole in my belt because it’s not keeping my jeans up anymore. My shirts make my lady curves look shapeless. Ugh! If there is one thing I want to be known for it’s looking classy. Baggy clothes are not classy.

As hard as it is to part with my favorite Miss Me Jeans and comfy maxi skirts, I just didn’t love, love, love, love them anymore. I don’t feel classy. I don’t feel like ME. And I don’t feel like I’ve ever just buckled down and bought clothes that I truly loved and embraced as “my style.” In fact, I’ve never actually purged my wardrobe, followed by a legit, soul-searching makeover. It is time to hit the reset button, girls! Life is too short to live in the clothes you don’t feel your best in!

My first step to a makeover was purging the closet and selling/donating all the old things. I tossed out pretty much 80% of my clothes! Since then, waking up and picking out what to wear every morning is not nearly as stressful. I used to agonize over getting dressed, and ended up wearing the same items over and over again. I had too much to chose from.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to get out the trash bags, go open the closet, take a deep breath, and start cleaning! According to this interesting article in, “…Lisa Kaplan Gordon on says, “It turns out that clutter has a profound affect on our mood and self-esteem. CELF’s anthropologists, social scientists, and archaeologists found … a link between high cortisol (stress hormone) levels in female home owners and a high density of household objects. The more stuff, the more stress women feel.”


I wonder if this is why so many moms struggle to enjoy life after a baby. Or why so many women struggle with depression. It’s an interesting thought, and a good motivation to de-clutter.

Anyways, getting back to closet cleaning….

I was afraid to start purging. Change is so hard. It’s hard when you’re a sentimentalist, like me. It’s also scary—although I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because we feel a piece of ourselves is invested into the things we own. I’m trying very hard to realize that things are just “things.” They aren’t going to heaven with me, but I do need to be willing to use everything for God’s Kingdom. The point of having beautiful things, nice clothes, comfort, and a home you’re proud of is not to flaunt them, but so we can use them to effectively bring people to Jesus.

How Can a Fashionable Wardrobe Point To Jesus?

Proverbs 31 says that she made herself coverings of tapestry, silk, and purple: a class act! Those were trendy, fashionable, and quality pieces she owned in her day. As Christians, I believe we have an obligation appear charming, classy, and modern. It expresses to to others a sense of self-love, and it is impossible to love others if don’t know how to love ourselves.

“Love thy neighbor as yourself.” 

-Leviticus 19:18 

No one wants to listen to an old hag, but it IS human nature to pay attention to someone perceived as dignified. If you look put together, attractive, and organized in appearance chances are people will listen to what you have to say. If you use your image to glorify Jesus, it’s a powerful thing! If classiness for godliness is the goal, then I need to start by purging all the areas in my life to make room for that dream…



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The Nitty-Gritty Of Closet Purging 

This purge was so much harder than I thought it was going to be. Oh my gosh: the choices! At first, I was afraid to toss stuff I’ve had for years. The emotional connection to items is ridiculously persuasive. You start thinking things like:

“What if I need this (insert obscure article of clothing) for a random summer party when I move next year?”

“But, I was wearing that shirt when Blake proposed.”

“It’s such a cute skirt….maybe someday I will find a top to go with it.”

“But I spent $65 those leggings!”

Clothing, shopping, and fashion is such a spiritual experience for us girls. We remember what we wore on our first date. What he wore. What the barista wore. And how it made us feel. We also have about 20 pairs of shoes, dozens of shirts in the same color. I found that when it came time to purge the closet, I wanted to keep clothes I don’t need anymore because I am emotionally connected. It’s a bit ridiculous. If you are inspired to go clean your closet (you know you are), but you’re having trouble with the emotional connection, try this method below. These are the questions I asked as I took each piece from the closet:

1. Does It Speak To My Soul?

Clothes are like abstract art: you either look at it and “get it…” or you don’t. Do you imagine yourself strutting around, feeling fully confident in it? Or do you feel indifferent? Do you like it okay, but you don’t feel a happy zing?

If it’s not speaking to you, TOSS IT! Clothes are an expression of our soul.

2. Do I Love It, But Need To Replace I With A New One?

Just because it’s old and gross, but you love it, doesn’t mean you have to live without it. I have a bunch of lace undershirts, black tees, and fleece footed tights that are old, frizzled, big, faded, or torn. It was time to toss those and replace them. Amazon is the best place to get things like white undershirts. I wear these for extra coverage and LOVE them. If you wear it weekly (like undies and tank tops) clean out the old ones, toss the ones you never use, and reorder the ones you need. You will downsize dramatically.

3. Do I Have A Bottom/Top To Go With It?

I had several adorable skirts I loved. But I don’t have tops to go with them and they’ve been in my closet for years! I looked and looked, but I couldn’t find a matching top that I liked so I recycled them to my mom. If it’s sitting in the closet for years without a top or bottom, you don’t love it enough.


4. Have I Worn It At All This Past Season?

If you haven’t worn something in the last six months, it’s time to toss it. (With the exception of special occasion dresses.)

One trick is to place all your hangers backwards and when you wear the piece, change the hanger to a forward facing position. At the end of 6 months, whatever hangers are still facing backward are items you never wear—TOSS those suckers and free up space in the closet.

5. Is It Too Big/Small?

I started this fashion reset journey because I’m so much smaller, so the point was to toss the big stuff. If you have clothes that don’t fit very well, regardless how cute it is, it has to go!

That was hard for me.

I love baggy sweaters and lose tops, but most of them were a size bigger than I used to be. So now the “baggy look” just didn’t look cute, it looked frumpy. One dress I had lurking in the back was this gorgeous, size 14, satin floral, vintage swing dress. I loved it…but I’M A SIZE 10!


6. Do I Have More Than One Top For A Single Bottom?

Just because you have 10 shirts that go with a skirt or pant, does not mean you will wear all the variations. Only keep articles of clothing if you can make an outfit out of it: don’t keep random pieces. For example, I have a pair of dress pants that I adore. I used to wear them with everything, but really, they only work well with two blouses I own. So I hung them together and tossed the extras. I had a million dress shirts, but I don’t have the same amount of jeans. So, I keep 1-2 shirts for each jean TOSSED the others.

7. Finish With Hanging Outfits Together

Finally, if you can, try to hang your outfits together. For example, I hung my lace maxi skirt with the blush pink blouse it goes with on a pants hanger underneath it. This way I’m not digging for random pieces during a rushed morning; I have a ready-made outfit to grab!

And it looks much more organized in my small closet.

And I saved space.

And I don’t have 20 shirts for one skirt.

And I don’t have to make a decision.

I like this method because it shows me that I have a top or bottom for every piece I own. If you can, hang shirts under their blazers, and tops with their bottoms, and skirts with their blouses. Keeping the outfits together shows you what you have on hand.

Whatever is leftover— TOSS! IT!


You have an organized closet. Do you feel fresh, clean, and uncomplicated? I do!

Before I wrap up, I want to add one more thing: since I had to ditch so many important pieces that were too big, I have to re-buy new, smaller sized clothes to fill their spot!


I’m so excited to begin a wardrobe makeover! And as I start this journey I’m going to share with you the new pieces I’m collecting! Stay tuned!

P.S. What are your favorite American based clothing boutiques?


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