It’s literally been forever since I posted to the blog. But I was thinking about it and about all my readers constantly. Since it is almost New Years I wanted to recap all the wonderful things that have happened to us, and what God is doing in our lives, and why I didn’t post. (It’s actually a pretty sweet surprise at the end. I promise I wasn’t goofing off.)

This February Blake and I tied the knot at the Kodiak City Courthouse. It was very simple. I wore a tulle lace skirt and he wore his winter blues uniform. I bought a bouquet of cream hydrangeas, and at 10 o’clock on February 22 we said our vows and got officially hitched. It was seriously the most romantic decision I have ever made.

(I’ve actually worn those shoes in almost every single wedding I’ve been in. Something old, ya know?)

In March we flew down to Texas and said more formal vows in front of family and very close friends. Blake read his now famous Letter to me, something he wrote five years before we even met. It remained sealed in a drawer until that morning. All the bridesmaids cried and all my protective guy cousins decided I made an excellent choice in husband and they turned off their warning sirens and accepted him into the family. You can read his letter here.


After all the wedding festivities and honeymooning, we moved into our cozy government housing unit and started sharing our lives together. Talk about a dream come true getting to live with our best friend and decorating your own home! Our first fight was about washing coffee cups. I think they should be washed every day, or at least once a week, not once a year. My new groom didn’t share that sentiment since unwashed coffee cups are apparently a “military tradition.” Anyway, that’s not a bad first fight story as far as fight stories go.

For many of our friends, marriage is the end of the road, the last hurrah, the end of “living.” But for us, it felt like living in a Disney movie. Our love and happiness continues to grow in ways that I did not even realize was possible. It’s incredible to experience God’s divine gifts in marriage after years of waiting on Him, being patient, and obeying His commands on dating. If I had one piece of advice to give to a young dating couple, I’d tell them that purity, goals, and standards, no matter how hard, far outweigh the struggle. In the end you realize you fought your battle and won, and its a feeling of accomplishment.

Scientists say that the “in love” experience only lasts for two years and then it begins to wane into mundane routine. Well, on January 9th we will have known each other for two years. The Bible says, “All things are possible with God,” and it is possible to be truly in love forever with the same person if God is in the center of it.

Moving on from the love nest….

In the Spring we adopted our first fur-baby. Teddy-Bear is his given name, named after our favorite President, Teddy Roosevelt and his famous bear legend.


I honestly didn’t think I could love another dog again as much as I loved poor old Buck. But I forgot how much love a black lab can hold, and this little guy won me over in like five minutes. He understands, “peanut butter,” “dog-park,” “where is dad?” “dance,” and “go get your ball.” He also knows where his Christmas stocking is and he can’t wait to open it. You can see in my Instagram video how excited he is for the holidays.

Spoiled lab.

Summer was also exciting. Blake decided to get in a ring with a bull. He wouldn’t let me do it with him because it was “too dangerous.” Next time I’ll show him what Alaskan girls can do in a ring with a bull.


The summer was unusually scarce and cold, which meant the bears came out in the open. I got to see bears (finally!)


I caught my limit on rock fish, too, which was an awesome moment since its my last year to fish in Alaska after we move Summer of 2018. (*sad emoji face*) At some point we did a 6-mile hike and camped in a State Park. There is nothing like falling asleep to the sounds of waves rolling over rocks and wind floating through tree tops.  Nothing. I’m going to miss you, Alaska.

As summer passed with work and college, we suddenly found ourselves in winter. Crazy how that happens. Blake ranked up into the stripes of a Second-Class Petty Officer in December. It was a big accomplishment and a huge blessing. During the ceremony I reflected on how far he has come in just one short year as a law enforcement officer and as a husband. God has truly blessed him with a dream for his life and the maturity to succeed. I’m so terribly proud of him! (As you can see in this really fuzzy cell phone picture, my face says it all.) ((I’m so drunk on love.))


But as if all that wasn’t news enough for one year, Blake and I have one more announcement before we start the New Year…. **drum roll please**

After I carried a 50lb back pack 6 miles into the wilderness I came home to discover, to my utter shock,———-

I was pregnant the whole time.

Say, whaaaa???

I very gracefully panicked.

Actually, there was nothing graceful about it.

I just panicked.


For about a month.

Well, Oops.

I’m like the world’s best planner, guys. I’m on top of everything. But the one time I do make a mistake it would have to be life changing. #imsotalented

And you know what? Its going to be the best “oops” ever!

  1. God is the author of life, not us. That’s pretty humbling when you think about it.
  2. When Blake is deployed I’ll have my own little buddy (yay!)
  3. We don’t have to rearrange our lives 100% for a child because we haven’t been established long enough to have a “normal” routine. She’ll blend right into this military chaos beautifully.
  4. Our lives are just beginning, not ending. Happiness is what you chose to make of any situation.
  5. Now we won’t have to get another dog for Teddy to play with. Babies can be substituted for more puppies.
  6. God gives us good gifts, even when I’m not asking him for anything.
  7. Babies  smell good.
  8. I’m always down for a new challenge. So bring it on!

baby christmas

So, I calmed down and got used to the challenging and beautiful idea of being a working-student-mom. I got really excited about all of the changes……just in time for the morning sickness to hit. I was out of commission for five months. I started to have weekly hospital visits. I got dehydrated and missed lots of work. And my poor blog suffered. (I told you I wasn’t goofing off.)

But with the ending of my second trimester, my body is feeling like it’s old self. And with the New Year, my life is moving forward into the adventure I’ve dreamed about my whole life. The upcoming year has big things in store. A baby, a new state to move to, lots of love to give, and several dreams to chase at the same time! Truly blessed!

I want to close this post with a big thank you to all my followers. You guys are the greatest! Please stayed tuned for some exciting launches I’m working on for 2018.

Luke 2: 12-14 

And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.

 And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying,

 Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.


Merry Christmas And Happy New Year!



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