I’m a renegade who logged out of social media to spend time exploring life and experimenting with passion. If ideas, objects, interests and hobbies could be put on a shelf in order of importance my shelf would say, “Fashion, brie cheese, Stella Rosa, and relationships.” Relationships are everything to me–that’s why I put away the synthetic and reach for the authentic. Just like a good wine or an aged cheese or a classic little black dress, true relationships ripen our lives. You must include the senses, be creative, spontaneous, kind, and real. We can’t fake it or duplicate it on a screen. It starts with you, making an inward effort and allowing it to shine outward to touch others.

The curse of a creative, extroverted, serendipitous woman is a heightened passion for everything at once. A sort of urgency to soak up life. There is no one topic, no one theme, no one recurring idea. All of it matters. This blog has long been dedicated to navigating through obstacles like marriage and quarter-life crisis’s and a smattering of personal fashion. Mrs. Werner Writes is a mood board for various topics. Through the years of blogging about my seemingly random interests, a theme, though idealistic and abstract, emerged. The goal of my rantings and passions always points back to the same question: “how can this make me a better woman?”

Therefore, if a bowl of perfectly melted macaroni and cheese, or a classic trench coat draped over a new dress, or a solution to a marriage issue, or a scary new hobby, or simply being more interesting and well balanced can bring people together….then that is worth acknowledging.

So, if you love snooping out lifestyle blogs, then this is the place for you!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by!